Get Your Book Seen and Sold
Get Your Book Seen and Sold
Book Signing Event Tips & What A Publicist May Do For You

Book Signing Event Tips & What A Publicist May Do For You

Book Marketing Expert Allison Pottern Hoch shares her expertise

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Allison Pattern Hoch, Book Marketing Consultant

A Book Signing Event That Sells Books (and that people attend ;)

Allison Pattern Hoch is a book marketing, publicity, and events planning consultant. She is also a writer! Her Substack, Books, Marketing and More, offers book marketing tips and advice every week. In this podcast episode, I ask Allison about creating a unique book signing event - her specialty - something memorable and fun that will lead to a great book launch.

What Exactly Will A Publicist Do For You

Allison shares specifics on what authors can expect from their traditional publisher’s publicist. As you will hear, each publicist’s efforts for a book launch can be as different as each book they represent. By knowing what to expect from a publicist, you can know what to ask and what you can do yourself for your book’s success.

Find Allison

Allison is a book marketing consultant and teacher. She offers consulting, workshops, and courses to help you promote your book as she describes in the podcast.

You can find Allison at her website and on her socials:

Twitter: @APottern

Facebook: Allison Pottern Hoch

Substack: Books, Marketing, and More

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